The value of your used modular building or portable classroom depends on its condition, floor plan, and how easily it can be removed and relocated to a buyer's location. 

value of a used modular building or portable classroom
Find the value of your used modular building.

If you have a used modular building or portable classroom and want to sell it or need to value the structure for insurance purposes, here are the most important items to consider first. Be sure to review the structure with your facility manager or maintenance supervisor and take plenty of photographs for your records. You can also send your photos to me for help with understanding exactly what you should sell your modular building for. 

1. Is the modular building in good working condition and presentable? This includes the heat, air conditioning, roof, floor, doors, windows, and amenities. If your business or school's facility manager has done a good job of maintaining the structure, the value will be much higher for a potential buyer.

2. Is the floor plan highly customized or relatively standard? A highly customized floor plan may have served your business or school's space needs, but is it so unique that another user would find it unappealing? On the other hand, if you have a typical floor plan with standard offices, bathrooms, or a wide-open classroom, it will be much easier to resell.

3. Where is your modular building located and is the site easily accessible for trucks to remove the structure without much-added expenses? This is a crucial assessment that needs to be made, especially if your modular building is installed on a permanent foundation or is located in an area that has several obstacles, such as landscaping or other structures.

4.. What year was the modular building or portable classroom manufactured? While there is no valuation guide like Kelley Blue Book for automobiles, the age of the structure and origin does matter. A newer modular building will have a higher value for obvious reasons, including the fact that it meets the latest building and safety requirements for human occupancy. On the other hand, an older modular building may be in great condition, but it could have problems meeting the current requirements for a conditional use permit issued by the local building and safety department.

*Note: it is always a good idea to keep good records for your modular building - just like a car. This includes the ownership documentation (title), maintenance records, and the original floor plan or a good copy.

This post should get you started if you are wondering how much your modular building is worth today. also has some beneficial information for the valuation of modular office buildings, portable classroom, and mobile office trailers.

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