Buying a used modular building or portable classroom can take a lot of time from planning where to place the structure to the actual floor plan of the space you will be using for your business or school. Try following these steps before you make any final decisions to purchase or rent a modular building from a supplier - these steps will save you time and money.

Steps Before You Buy a Used Modular Building:

Step 1. Select a location for the structure. Try to find a space on your property where you can position the modular building for easy access by pedestrians. Consider where visitors will park, how a handicap ramp will fit in, where existing utilities are, and how the location works for your business or school.

Step 2. Permits. Visit your local building and safety department and inquire about a permit to use a modular building. Have the exact address and a simple plot plan of where you plan on placing the modular and be prepared to answer questions and return with whatever information the planner requests.

Step 3. Floor Plan. Draw a floor plan showing how you want your office or classroom configured with private offices, bathrooms, classrooms, kitchen, doors, and windows. You can hand sketch something and scan it or use a program like Google SketchUp or a simple home planning program that can be purchased at most computer stores. Be sure to get feedback from your staff and remember to plan for furniture placement.

Step 4. Site Visit. Schedule a site visit with the modular building suppliers so they can adequately assess the amount of work that it will take to deliver, install, and connect utilities to your modular. Share all information from Step 2. with each supplier and be sure to request a price that includes everything required to open your business.

Step 5. Shop for the best deal. Modular building suppliers and manufacturers are always willing to negotiate, and you have the best chance of saving money when you know exactly what you want. Try using our fast and useful modular building price comparison tool. Ask for references, and get at least 3 prices before making a final decision.