About Used Modular Buildings

Modular buildings can be useful when space is needed quickly.

Used modular buildings can be
remodeled to look new.

Modular buildings are used to meet temporary or permanent space requirements for a variety of occupancy types including, but not limited to, classroom, office, daycare, church, worker and student housing, meeting spaces and retail. Modular building users typically rent, lease, or purchase the space required and occupy it for the length of time it is needed.  When the building is no longer needed it is typically returned to the supplier or relocated to another site for reuse or storage.

Modular buildings are built with safety, function and efficiency in mind. Manufacturers and suppliers of used and new modular buildings are held to many of the same standards as conventional general contractors, in some cases higher standards. Modular building occupants can rest assured that their structure is built with quality construction materials and is safe during most natural disasters or other occurrences.

A modular building can be installed on a temporary or permanent foundation for short or long term use. Handicap ramp systems, covered walkways and OSHA steps for access can be easily configured, delivered and installed to meet specific occupancy types, accessibility needs, site conditions and owner preferences.

Permits for using a modular structure or portable classroom are required. Local building, safety and planning departments are well equipped to help businesses preparing to use a modular building plan and meet the legal requirements for a project.

If you have specific questions about using a modular building feel free to call iModular.com at (714) 442-2757, Ext 502 or
request information from your local modular building provider.