Yup...you heard it from me, and now is the time to buy if you are searching for a used portable classroom for your public or private school, church, or daycare center business. Used portable classrooms come in various sizes and floor plans, but the most common models available in California are typically 24' x 40' or 24' x 60'. If you've read enough already, you can quickly start your search using our Compare Prices tool - it takes no time to complete.

In many cases, these used portable classrooms can be purchased, delivered, and installed for under $80,000.00. Compared to the cost of a new portable at approximately $120,000, this is very cost-effective. Prices can vary depending upon the site conditions where the modular will be installed and site-specific needs such as access stairs and handicapped wheelchair ramps. Market conditions can also impact prices. For example, spring and summer are traditionally the busy seasons for portable classroom suppliers. This can drive up costs and the availability of inventory, transporters, and installation contractors. 

Keep in mind that you can also add a specific floor plan to the interior of a wide-open portable classroom. For example, adding a handicap-accessible bathroom and a private office is a relatively simple upgrade that changes the classroom into an office. You can also add lockers and showers for use by the athletic department if that type of space is needed. The options are endless, and most modular building suppliers have the capabilities to create the space you need for your facility. 

Here are some important portable classroom details to consider:

  • The exterior finish of a standard used portable classroom is wood siding that can be painted to your specific school color choices. 
  • The interior typically has a carpet or tile floor finish, a t-grid ceiling with recessed lighting, and vinyl-covered wall panels.
  • Delivery and installation can take as little as one week in most California cities.
  • Handicap-equipped bathrooms, offices, and storage areas can be added.

Used modular classroom
Typical interior of  a
portable classroom.
If you are ready to talk about buying a used modular classroom direct from a current owner or through my network of California-based organizations that have used portable classrooms for discounted prices, give me a call on the Modular Building Help Line at (800) 806-7485 or complete the quick contact form below>>