Used portable classroom site selection and buying tips
This is not my typical "how to find the best price on a portable classroom" post because sometimes using a portable classroom isn't the best option for your business, church or school. While portable classrooms are a fast and flexible way to get space quickly and cost effectively - sometimes there are obstacles that make using a portable classroom too expensive.

For example, if you are considering using a portable classroom for your school campus or church you may encounter these costly problems:

1.) No land. Believe it or not some campuses simply don't have the room to accommodate a 24' x 40' or 24' x 60' portable classroom. Squeezing another structure onto the property could cause permitting problems, fire hazards or even security issues.

2.) Other structures are blocking the proposed site for the portable classroom. When you need to use a crane to install a portable modular building the costs start to skyrocket. Besides the cost of the crane there are many other considerations - including the eventual removal of the portable when it is no longer needed.

3.) The proposed site isn't level and needs lots of work to accommodate a portable classroom. The costs involved in site work can also skyrocket if the "building pad" needs soil testing, compaction, concrete footings, underground utilities and asphalt parking and drop off zones.

If you think you may have a "site challenge" for a portable classroom I recommend inviting a portable building company representative or an Architects to your campus in advance of making any other decisions. This will give you a clear idea of how much work will be involved in mobilizing your new space - without demobilizing your budget.

All types of public and private k-12 schools, universities, churches and specialty trades schools use portable classrooms to solve temporary and permanent space needs but sometimes a portable isn't feasible.

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