This post serves two audiences; people that need to sell their used modular office building and people that are looking to buy a used modular office building in Maryland (other states follow the same guidelines too).

Over the past two decades, thousands of companies in Maryland have purchased modular office buildings to solve all types of temporary space needs...and in many cases, these companies now need to sell their used modular to make space for new construction or simply sell off an asset that is no longer needed. Sound familiar?

If you are responsible for your company's facility management and have a used modular office building that is no longer needed, here are a few important considerations before you sell or donate the structure:

Do you own the modular office building and have the legal title? Believe it or not, some companies realize that they have been renting their modular building forever and need to either terminate the rental agreement and send the structure back to the rental company or buy it out of the lease.

 Is the modular office building legal? In other words, was it built and licensed properly for the state of Maryland? This can be validated if you have the original paperwork and/or there is a manufacturer's tag on the structure that shows which states it was legally built for occupancy within.

 Can the modular office building easily be removed from its location? This is very important. Sometimes the structure needs to be removed with a crane or demolished because other structures or even landscaping have enclosed it on the property. The easier it is to remove the less expensive it will be for you or the buyer.

 What is the condition of the modular office building and its key components? The better the condition, the better your chances are of reselling the structure at a reasonable price. Check to make sure the heating and cooling systems are working correctly. Inspect the floor and roof for any structural problems and give the modular a clean bill of health. Otherwise, make a note of the issues and be prepared to discount your price based on the needed repairs.

 Take photos of the modular building and send them to the used modular building clearinghouse. We will help you establish a reasonable value for the modular office, help you find potential buyers and assist with the sale and removal of the structure.

If you are reading this article and are interested in buying a used modular building at a great price....congratulations. You just learned a smart buying tip. Search for large companies or even school districts in Baltimore, Washington D.C., Columbia, Silver Spring, and Hunt Valley and contact their facility management departments about any modular buildings they may have to sell.

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