used modular church building for sale
Used modular church building for sale.
Are you ready to find a modular church building or portable classroom trailer? Use the form below to get floor plans, pictures, and price quotes from the best suppliers in your area today.

I receive calls from around the country every month from churches and schools that have used modular church buildings and portable classrooms to sell for discounted prices. For example, I received a call yesterday from a church in Georgia that has a used 24' x 60' modular church building that is no longer needed now that construction of the main school building is completed. With construction completed it's time for the modular church building to find another home...and quickly.

This is very typical and my job is to help readers like you find these opportunities. Every time I'm able to match a willing buyer with a motivated seller - I'm a happy camper and everyone wins. The modular building is sold at a very attractive price and the seller is free and clear of the modular building facility. If you are interested in finding a good deal on a used modular church building or portable classroom try using the form below. This form has helped thousands of people shop, compare price quotes, and save money on used modular church buildings across the United States.

Are you planning to place a modular building on your church or private school campus and need some guidance? Have a look at our Modular Classroom Planning Guide at It's our most popular Free tool. 
Buy a used modular church building
Used modular building with open
floor plan. 

If you represent a church, public or private school and have a modular building or portable classroom to sell, please contact me by completing the contact form below. You can also receive our Free guide How to Sell Your Used Modular Office or Classroom Trailer - Fast! by following the link.