modular buildings for sale usedBuying a used modular office trailer can get pretty tricky if it's your first time. In fact, I receive plenty of questions from first time buyers who simply want good advice without a sales pitch. So if you are in the market for any type of modular building - from a construction office to a portable classroom or daycare center, follow these buying tips or give m a call for some guidance. It always pays to buy smart.

1. Once you have found the modular building floor plan you like always inspect the structure in person. Feel free to invite any contractor friend who has enough building experience to look at the structure and understand its current condition.

2. If you are buying the used modular building from a private owner ALWAYS have the heating and air conditioning unit(s) inspected and tested for performance. These are the most technical aspects of the modular so make sure you know what you are buying. Buying parts is not a big deal - but the costs can add up if the units are in really bad shape.

3. Inspect the roof and floor conditions. Changing the carpet or tile floor finish isn't that challenging but if the sub floor is in poor condition that could get expensive. The same goes for the roof. Look for signs of any leaking in past months and if you can, have your contractor climb up top to look for an obvious damage or maintenance needs.

4. Be sure the person or company selling the used modular building is the true owner! Ask for the original title just like you would before buying a car and be sure everything checks out. Also, be sure that there are no past due taxes or license fees - some states require these.

I have several more tips for you and my advice comes for free - so call me any time at (714) 442-2757 ext 108. You can also get prices for used modulars from modular building suppliers by using my Price Quote Request Form.

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