Nearly every day I field calls from around the United States from people looking for help finding a used modular building - and it never gets old! I'm amazed at how many businesses, schools, churches and government organizations need space for reasons ranging from overcrowding to emergency disaster relief and everything in between. The most common recommendation I make is "be flexible" if you need a modular building delivered and installed quickly.

What does be flexible mean? It's not a play on words - after all modular buildings are designed to be flexible so I am referring to important features like the floor plan, door and window locations, interior and exterior finishes and so on. If you can be flexible with these particulars your chances of finding a used modular building and having it up and operational quickly are far better than being too picky. Needless to say, being flexible also leads to finding a good price from a local supplier.
Most used modular building suppliers have inventories of "trailers" that have various uses and floor plans. This is because of people just like you who, at some point, needed a modular building with offices or a classroom with bathrooms or even a specialty locker or shower trailer. Once these modulars were no longer needed the supplier most likely did not change the floor plan when the unit was returned. So if you can be flexible and adapt to an existing floor plan, or limit your changes, you are going to be in business far quicker than if a new floor plan has to be built out to your specific needs. More importantly, you will save a lot of money not having to pay for modifications or specialty features.

Here are a few questions and suggestions that are worth considering while you shop for a used modular building:

1. Can you use temporary wall partitions or do you need private offices?
2. Are bathrooms necessary or required by the local authorities? In some cases existing bathrooms can be used to service people using the modular building.
3. Can you use another location on your property that will eliminate the need for more doors and windows for access? 
4. Can employees split into shifts during a temporary project? This may reduce the amount of space needed and reduce the need for double the amount of lockers, bathrooms, etc. 
5. Do you need to have everyone under one roof? It may be less expensive to deliver and install two smaller modular buildings than trying to accommodate everyone in one building.

Are you ready to be flexible and save money? Try using my special "Used Modular Building" price quote tool below and I will put my tips to work for you. It's the best 2 minutes of time you will spend today!