Use a modular building as a sales office.
Get a price for a used modular building.
If you are shopping for a used modular building and have recently visited the sales office of a local supplier you probably noticed how many "trailers" were used as sales offices in the past. From real estate offices to car dealerships, modular buildings have been used for short and long term office space needs across the U.S. for decades. Here are a few tips if you are preparing to buy or rent any size modular for your sales operation.

Tips for using a modular building as a sales office:

#1 Know how much space you need and how it will be used. 
If your sales people will be sitting at a desk speaking with clients be sure to calculate how much space will be needed to accommodate furnishings. Will a lobby be needed or a conference room for larger meetings and presentations? Will bathrooms and a kitchen area be needed?

#2 How much space is available for the modular building?
Always know where you are going to place the modular building no matter how large or small it will be. Take into consideration how the modular will be delivered, installed and removed when you are done with it. If you need parking and outdoor spaces always factor those into your site plan. Don't forget that if the public will be accessing the office it will need to have a handicap ramp and steps - these take up space too.

#3 What do you want the sales office to look like from the inside and outside?
If you are selling big ticket items like homes, boats or cars you probably want to have an office that reflects a good first impression. Most modular building suppliers have a higher-end model available for this and it usually looks professional from inside to out. Be sure to know what type of look and feel you want and be clear with the supplier. Remember that upgrades cost more but those costs can usually be amortized into the rental rate or paid for up front.

#4 Know if you want to rent or buyIf you are going to need the modular sales office for a long period of time consider buying a used model in place of renting long term. If you need a very specific type of office with custom features consider buying or renting  newly manufactured model. Either way... know your budget and negotiate the best deal possible.

If you need help with finding the best price for a modular sales office or if you have questions about design, try using our online tool.

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