Used modular building for sale with custom floor plan.
Adding an office to a used
modular building.
For years I sold used and new modular buildings to schools, churches, utility companies, general contractors and basically any other type of business imaginable - even the studios in Hollywood. In many cases the floor plan of the modular office or portable classroom  needed to be exactly as specified by the customer due to specific office sizes, furniture layout, and the amount of people using the space. This also required a lot of work and expense on my company's behalf because in most cases the exact floor plan was not available or the exterior and interior finishes needed to be completely changed.

So my helpful tip for anyone searching for a used modular building (with a specific layout) is always negotiate the price for modifications. Here are some typical modifications that will cost you extra money up front of amortized into your rental rate:

1. Remove or add interior walls and partitions.
2. Add or remove bathrooms.
3. Add or remove doors and windows.
4. Change the floor, wall or ceiling finishes.
5. Add lights, outlets or other utility connection points.
6. Special exterior finish changes (paint, stucco, trim)
7. Add built in furniture such as cabinetry or storage.

These modifications can be made with ease and the costs to do so are usually marked up and sold to the buyer of the modular building as a one time charge (if you are purchasing the modular building) or added into the rental rate with interest. If you know what floor plan design you want try to get three prices from three local suppliers and ask for the modification price separately. Once you have the prices compare and try to negotiate the modification price down first and then see how willing the supplier is to reduce the actual sale price of the prefab office or classroom you are trying to buy.

Give me (Matt Banes) a call if you have any questions...I'd be glad to help you get the best deal possible anywhere in the U.S. (714) 442-2757 extension 502.

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