Used modular building for sale with custom floor plan.
Adding an office to a used
modular building.
For years I sold and rented used and new modular buildings to schools, churches, utility companies, general contractors, and basically any other type of business imaginable - even the studios in Hollywood. In many cases, the floor plan and finishes of the modular office or portable classroom needed to be exactly as specified by the customer. This meant I would have to create a new floor plan, price out the modifications and additions, and present these costs to the customer as a one time charge or as part of the rental rate.

The modular building business prides itself on fast and flexible space solutions, so most suppliers will offer you the ability to customize any used modular building as long as you are willing to pay for the additional work and materials. In fact, the modular builders have become very effective at customization. They can build out a modular building with anything from offices and conference rooms to sophisticated spaces to meet all types of business and educational requirements.

Here are some typical floor plan modifications that most modular building suppliers will gladly make for you either as a one time charge or amortized into your monthly rental rate.

Typical floor plan modifications for a modular building or portable classroom. 

1. Remove or add interior walls and partitions.
2. Add or remove bathrooms.
3. Add shower and change areas
4. Add or remove doors
5 Add or remove windows
6. Change the floor finish
7. Change the wall finish
8. Add lights, outlets, or other utility connection points.
9. Special exterior finish changes (paint, stucco, trim, decking)
10. Add built-in furniture such as cabinetry, kitchens, lockers, or storage closets.

So, my helpful tip for anyone searching for a used modular building is to always negotiate the price for modifications with the sales representative before you strike a deal. Request a one-time price to pay for the modifications upfront and a price to amortize the costs into your rental rate if you are renting long term. Compare the two prices and make the best decision for your cash flow. Once you have a deal, be sure that everyone signs off on the final floor plan and specifications before any money is exchanged or work begins.

COST SAVING REMINDER: Ask the modular building supplier if there will be any charges at the end of the rental period to restore the modular building back to its original layout,

Once you've taken delivery of your modular building and are up and operational, you will be glad you took the time to design your space and negotiate a good price.

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