Used modular buildings come in many sizes and floor plans.
Popular Sizes for Modular Buildings
After 25 years of selling used and new modular buildings you get to know the market fairly well. Here are the most popular sizes for modular buildings by type in the United States. If you are planning to use a prefabricated modular building try to stay withing these size parameters - most suppliers have these available and are willing to negotiate rental and purchase prices more than with custom, less typical sized structures.

For Schools and Churches:
1. 24' x 40' Single classroom
2. 24' x 60' Single and two classroom models

For Office Space:
1. 24' x 60' with offices and bathrooms
2. 36' x 60' with offices and bathrooms
3. 48' x 60' with offices, conference room and bathrooms

Next step - start requesting some prices from local suppliers and see which one has the best overall price to offer you.

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