Used modular buildings and classrooms make the ideal daycare center.
Used modulars make affordable
daycare centers.
Modular buildings are sometimes the best option for use as daycare center programs because of their flexible designs, ease of installation and reasonable price to rent or purchase. When space is needed to start a new program or expand an overcrowded center the ability to quickly open a building and provide children with a comfortable environment is a huge value to owners and operators.

"Our program grew so fast that building another structure was not an option if we wanted to be competitive and meet the needs of our community. We needed space and we needed it exactly the way our other centers are set up and modular was the only way to accomplish this," stated one childcare program director from Austin, Texas.

Used modular buildings are sometimes overlooked as an option for new modular daycare centers when in all reality they are a very smart choice for more reasons than just price. Used prefabs are often already set up for daycare use complete with:

Toddler, preschool and adult bathrooms
Common areas
Infant classrooms
Kitchens and
Built in closets and staff offices

The exterior and interior finishes can quickly and easily be changed along with door locations and windows if you have special requirements. Handicap ramps, covered walkways and access steps are all available for use with used modulars as well.

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