Modular buildings, trailers and offices for emergency relief.
Modular buildings come in handy as emergency relief shelters and temporary offices for all types of natural disasters and emergencies - Hurricane Sandy has been no exception.

Suppliers of modular buildings are prepared to deliver and install all types of space in the event of any situation where people are displaced and essential services are needed. When medical clinics, bathroom and shower facilities, information centers, temporary housing, security offices and worker meeting areas are needed most modular companies have a wide variety of structures waiting to be shipped and crews standing by for delivery and set up.

Here is a quick check list if you are in an emergency situation or are developing a plan for obtaining temporary space during a disaster:

1. Have a temporary space / modular building resource available to get rapid response. We suggest using the Rapid Response Shelter Online Tool - it's the fastest way to reach approved modular suppliers 7 days a week, 24 hours per day.

2. Know what space you need but be flexible. Modular providers can respond quickly if you are able to use the models they have immediately available. Changes to floor plans and specifications will slow the supplier down.

3. Have a location selected to place the modular building. It may be difficult but try to find a level and easily accessible site so the delivery truck can move in and out with ease and workers can assemble the modular without too many obstructions. Route and site planning are very important.

4. Know where the utility connection points are and share this information with the supplier. If you will be using a generator also let the supplier know this.

5. Know what your city government will permit during an emergency. In many cases local building and safety departments will make temporary exceptions for modular buildings and mobile office trailers during an emergency.

6. Payment. It is a very good idea to have a credit card to pay the supplier with. This will always help the process move quickly whether you need to rent the space for a week or a year.

If you have questions about modular buildings or would like assistance incorporating temporary space into your emergency planning feel free to call me (Matt Banes) any time. Dial (714) 442-2757 ext. 108 for nationwide and international requirements.

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