Used modular buildings and portable classrooms can be rented or purchased
Find a used modular building and
save money.
Throughout the year people call us and ask about the quality and reliability of used modular buildings and portable classrooms. Most of the concerns are about whether or not a used modular is worth saving money in comparison to having a new structure built. Ask anyone on our team and the answer will be the same…if the used modular is in good shape and you are able to get some sort of warranty it’s worth every dollar saved!

Here are a couple of pointers if you are in the market for a used modular:

A. Always have the modular inspected by a contractor first. Make sure the HVAC is in good working condition and that there is no major electrical, plumbing or structural damage to the frame, roofing, walls or flooring.

B. Ask the owner to provide original paperwork (original bill of sale, license information, registration, warranty, floor plan and specifications).

C. If you are buying the modular out of state be sure that it meets your state and local building codes. Check with your local Building and Safety department.

D. If you are installing the modular on a temporary pier and pad style foundation ask if the materials for installation are included. If it’s a more permanent installation ask your set up contractor for details.

E. Ask the owner for any past service records.

F. Ask the owner/seller about the original warranty or if you can purchase an extended warranty.

G. Ask if a handicap ramp or aluminum steps are included with the sales price. You will need access.

Hope this helps. Try our free price and information request tool if you are searching for a good deal on a used modular building or classroom. It takes two minutes to send your request to qualified local suppliers.

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