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Used Modular Church Building

This modular building was used by a church as a classroom and meeting room and is available for rent or sale. Here's the link to the page that has the information and price request form from

48'x40' Modular Church
48'x40' Modular Church Building
48'x60' used modular church building with nice exterior and interior finsihes, heating, cooling, handicap ramp.

Get a Price Today! Use the email request form below to learn more about this modular building and request a price quote, floor plan and information from your local suppliers.

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Modular Building Product From A Friend

Many schools buy and rent used modular classrooms and portable classrooms when space is needed for temporary use. Facility managers and administrators can find competitive prices and fast delivery times buy contacting at least three local suppliers of modulars and giving each a chance to provide prices and information. Online services like make it easy and less time consuming to search for qualified suppliers.

"I rented a mobile office trailer and a modular classroom for our private school for 12 months for a really good rate using's price quote service. Both modulars worked out perfectly and solved our last minute space need" stated Jim Matson of Los Angeles, California.

"Here's the link to the page I found on Google:"

Used Modular Classrooms for Sale
Used and new construction trailers for rent or purchase in Florida.

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How I found a used modular building for a good price...

Wow, If you are like me finding a used modular office building was time consuming so I found and used their service. Just go to the home page and click on one of the very obvious free price quote links.

Once I completed their request form I received calls from local suppliers with used construction trailers and modular buildings for great prices. They all competed for my business and I didn't buy the least expensive but I did get a fair deal. They answered all of my questions too.

Here's the modlar office I rented for my construction site in Florida.
24'x40' Used Construction Trailer

Rented a used modular building from this service

I rented a used 24x60 modular building for my office in Los Angeles, California and got several modular suppliers to compete for my rental business. I suggest using the free quote service if you are in need of a mobile office trailer or portable building for rent or even to buy one at a good price.

Go to the home page of and you will see three or four links right at the top. Just pick one and fill out the free price quote only took me a minute or two and later that day I started receiving calls.

24'x60' Used Construction Office Trailer for rent
 Heres a picture of the modular I rented. I replaced the wood steps with aluminum OSHA approved stairs.

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California Used Modular Classrooms

California suppliers of modular classrooms and California public schools have thousands of portable classrooms available for rent or sale. 24'x40' and 24'x64' models are in stock or on campuses ready for your school, church or business.
Take a browse at the page below on and request information. As many as five supliers will contact you with good information, availability and prices.

Here's the link to the product page:

Portable Classroom - 64'x24' with Bathrooms
64'x24' Portable Classroom with bathrooms, (2) exterior doors, HVAC, carpet and wood exterior

Click Here to view more information and contact your local providers.