Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Used Modular Building - Locker Room

Used modular buildings make great locker rooms for schools.
We get a lot of calls every month from schools looking for temporary locker, shower and bathroom trailers to rent. Here's a recent message a school facility manager left us:

"We are researching using a modular building for our athletic department team room and a facility for showers. Can you help?"

We are always happy to help so here's our answer. Modular buildings are often used for locker rooms, team rooms, shower and bathroom facilities for schools and universities in need of temporary space during construction or remodeling projects. Modular prefabricated buildings can easily be manufactured or used models can be outfitted with the features typically found in sports facilities including the following:

Equipment cages
Toilets / urinals
Enhanced floor systems to support exercise equipment and weights

Check with your local modular supplier if you have a need for a sports facility. In many cases you will be able to rent a used model or make modifications to an existing floor plan to suit your needs. If you can't find the right model you may want to explore having a new model built exactly for your specific needs. Try our supplier price quote request form - it takes 2 minutes to send your request to local suppliers who will call you the same day with answers and price quotes.

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